Bluetooth Remote Control / Presentation Clicker

You may recall me gabbering on about the joy of GNU Screen. Well, here's another bit of tech that, if this is the kind of thing that's useful to you, you'll look back and wonder how you ever managed without it.

Bluetooth Remote Control, controls a Windows PC from your mobile phone. Free to try, only 10 dollar to buy (it registers instantly upon payment, licence covers 3 installations). It's like God's Own Powerpoint Clicker++.

You install the server on your Windows PC running either the Microsoft of Widcomm Bluetooth stack, install the J2ME client on your Bluetooth mobile phone (including both Series 40 and Series 60 Nokia bluetooth phones, eg. 6230, 6230i, 6600 etc), and hey presto - click buttons on your phone, things happen on your PC.

Not only can you control the mouse and see the desktop, but it comes with a bunch of preset scripts for Powerpoint, Windows Media Player, Winamp etc. to allow pushbutton shortcuts - no mouse control required. You can write your own extra scripts easily, either as basic keyboard assignments or as fully-fledged Windows scripting host files. I've now created scripts for my favourite video player, Zoom Player (favourite because not only is the interface minimally unobtrusive, but it allows zooming in, so you can decide exactly how much, to the pixel, to letterbox your widescreen video files).

When you consider that a Powerpoint presentation clicker can cost upwards of 40 quid, this little program is beyond a bargain.

Public Domain - Andrew Oakley - 2005-12-22

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