Unenforceable Parking Restrictions in Cheltenham June 2009

The following table lists unenforcable parking restrictions at the start of June 2009, released by Cheltenham Borough Council under a Freedom of Information request. For more detail see the Gloucestershire Echo newspaper article "35 streets where cars can park illegally" dated 23 June 2009. As per any FOI response, this information is now public domain.

The information was originally emailed to me by CBC in a proprietary format. I have converted it to HTML below. You can also download the original MS Excel XLSX file and my CSV version. CBC's Policy and Performance unit has stated that they will also publish this information "on our website in the next few days" (30 June 2009). When that happens, try the Cheltenham Borough Council Freedom of Information Disclosure Log.

Note that these defects may have already been corrected. This is not a list of places where you can park and be guaranteed not to be prosecuted. In particular, dangerous parking can, and should, get you prosecuted regardless of signs or markings.

Road Name Is it a Line,
Sign or
Order Defect?
Description of Line or Sign Defect Date reported to Glos. Highways Is Location enforceable? (Yes/No)
St James Street Sign Add SYL sign (Mon-Sat 8-6) 17/06/2009 No
Berkeley Street Sign Move sign for doctor's permit bay to beside the bay 17/06/2009 No
Albion Walk Line Renew SYLs on both sides 17/06/2009 No
Montpellier Street Line Renew missing SYL 17/06/2009 No
Fauconberg Road Line Renew missing SYL 17/06/2009 No
Montpellier Walk Sign Add sign for disabled bay 17/06/2009 No
Clarence Street Sign Add sign for loading bay 17/06/2009 No
St George's Place Sign Add sign for large loading bay 17/06/2009 No
Clarence Square Sign Add SYL sign (Mon-Sat 8-6) 17/06/2009 No
Clarence Square Sign Add SYL sign (Mon-Sat 8-6) 17/06/2009 No
Clarence Square Sign Add SYL plate (Mon-Sat 8-6) 17/06/2009 No
Baynham Way Sign Replace sign for Disabled Bay 17/06/2009 No
Bennington Street Line Renew and standardise loading bays 17/06/2009 No
Montpellier Spa Road Line Renew DYL 17/06/2009 No
Bath Street Line Re-mark DYL 17/06/2009 No
Bath Road Line Re-line SYL 17/06/2009 No
County Court Road Sign Place Loading bay sign beside LB 17/06/2009 No
County Court Road Sign Remove DYL from part of loading bay or revise extent of LB 17/06/2009 No
Selkirk Street Sign Add Residents Bay sign 17/06/2009 No
High Street Line Remove double kerb mark 17/06/2009 No
Trinity Lane Lines Renew lines and remove those marked out by a local resident 17/06/2009 No
Portland Square Sign Replace Residents parking sign 17/06/2009 No
Royal Well Lane Sign Replace all SYL signs 17/06/2009 No
St Anne's Terrace Line Mark the border between limited waiting and residents parking 17/06/2009 No
Crescent Terrace Sign Add LW sign 17/06/2009 No
Crescent Terrace Sign Sign needed for loading bay 17/06/2009 No
The Park Line Re-new line 17/06/2009 No
St Pauls Lane Line Re-new faded line 17/06/2009 No
Rosehill Street Sign Replace SYL plate 17/06/2009 No
Suffolk Square Sign Replace missing combined 2hr LW/residents sign 17/06/2009 No
Parabola Road Sign Add SYL sign 17/06/2009 No
Exmouth Street Line DYL faded and missing 17/06/2009 No
Hermitage Street Line DYLs broken and faded 17/06/2009 No
Francis Street Line Renew DYL 17/06/2009 No
Regent Street Sign Add loading restriction sign 17/06/2009 No

My guesses (and they're only guesses) for the abbreviations:
SYL - Single Yellow Line
DYL - Double Yellow Line
LW - Limited Waiting
LB - Loading Bay

Public Domain - Andrew Oakley - 2009-07-01

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