Stereo test file

Often I want to test stereo speakers, and in particular check left and right; maybe I want to check that I've put cheap earphones in the correct ears, or that some PC speakers are arranged correctly, or that component audio cables are plugged in to the correct sockets.

Here's a free stereo test MP3 file that I've created, that speaks aloud the words "Front Centre, Side Left, Side Right" in the appropriate channels.

stereo-test.mp3 (200k, 17 seconds, medium quality)
stereo-test-long.mp3 (4MB, 18 minutes, low quality)

This MP3 was created from the samples contained in the alsa-utils package from Alsa Project. Like the originals, this file is licenced under the GNU General Public Licence so you can use, change and copy it as you desire so long as the licence acknowledgement (contained in the cover art image) remains. If you're just using or copying the file, and not changing it, you don't need to to anything. Of course, you could move the licence details elsewhere, for example to the MP3 tags, provided it stays with the file.

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