Foehn and Hirsch Amazon Fire TV Stick remote configuration

If you have a 19" (19 inch) Foehn and Hirsch TV DVD combo model FH-19LHDC or similar, dating from around 2010 that uses the RC-16 remote, you'll be delighted to know that it works well with the Amazon Fire TV Stick (2nd gen) and voice remote. Simply select HISENSE as the brand when asked to configure the volume/power buttons on the remote, and go through the volume/up down yes/no process a few times.

The TV won't automatically select the HDMI input, but provided you leave the TV set to the HDMI input, that shouldn't matter. For example, you will need to use the Amazon remote "power" button to turn on the TV rather than solely relying on the "home" button. This is because the TV does not support HDMI CEC signals from the stick back to the TV.

Foehn and Hirsch was Ebuyer's own brand, they rebadged a variety of other manufacturers. For Sky satellite remotes, try code 0056 (you'll need to press tv/standby 4 times). Also try codes 1206, 0007 and 0008.

The TV is 1400x900 pixels, so the Fire stick will use 720p rather than full HD.

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