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News Organisations
  BBC News Online
    BBC News Low Graphics
    Search BBC News
    BBC World Service Summary RealAudio
    BBC1 TV News RealVideo
    BBC News 24 Live RealVideo (not 24h)
    BBC Radio 5 Live RealAudio
  Press Association
    News Headlines
    Regional Weather
  ITN Independent Television News
    ITN World News RealVideo
    Video On Demand
    Teletext West News
  IRN Independent Radio News
    Hourly RealAudio News Bulletin
    News Headlines
    Human Interest (similar to "and finally")
  BBC Midlands 24-hour
  Met Office Midlands 2-day
  Multimap Brize Norton 2-day
  ThisIsGlos 5-day
  Yahoo Moreton-In-Marsh 5-day
Technology News
  The Register - UK tech news & satire
  Daily Radar (gaming news)
    ZDTV RealAudio
  Wired News
  Need To Know
  San Jose Computing + Personal Tech
  ScienceDaily Magazine
Personal Finance
  Moneyworld News
    Moneyworld Tax Calculator
Newspapers & Magazines
  Gloucestershire Echo & Citizen- ThisIsGloucestershire
    Local News
  Daily Telegraph- Electronic Telegraph
  Private Eye
  Computer Weekly
  Wired Magazine
  Future Publishing
    SFX (Science Fiction magazine)
  BBC Radio 4 198kHz AM-LW, 92.7 & 93.0MHz FM-VHF
    Home Truths - John Peel's family issues documentary show - 9-10am Saturday
  BBC Radio 5 Live 909 & 693kHz AM-MW
    Up All Night - non-stop international news - 1am-5am every night
  BBC World Service 198kHz AM-LW (1am-5am), 648kHz AM-MW, 9410 & 12095kHz AM-SW
    Programme schedules
    Shortwave frequencies to Western Europe
  English Transmissions on Shortwave directed to Europe
  Radio Caroline
  Voice of Russia
  Voice of America
  Radio France Internationale (toutes pages, en francais)
    Pages in English (tiny subset of pages only)
Other Media
  National Lottery Results

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Internet (the network itself)
  Weather Reports
    Internet Traffic Report (Europe)
    Internet Weather Report (US)
    Demon Operational Status
    BT Internet Status
    Freeserve Status
    C&W INSNet
  Network Tools
    Demon Network Tools (www-unix interface)
    Traceroute (
    Traceroute (
    Whois USA
    Whois UK
    DNS Lookup (worldwide, translate domain name to/from IP address)
    Netcraft What's that site running?
  Dial-Up ISPs
    BT Internet
    Freeserve (free 0845, no ads)
      Online Signup (without the CD)
  Medium/High Bandwidth
    GPRS 100kbps data over GSM
      BT ADSL
      Unofficial BT ADSL FAQ
Mobile Telephones
  SMS free web-to-SMS gateway, use +44 7711 etc.
    Nam-Vets WAP site is
    WML Reference
      Teraflops WBMP convertor
World Wide Web
  Programming and Design Languages Reference
    HTML A-Z
    Dynamic HTML (DHTML) (Netscape)
    Dynamic HTML (DHTML) (MSIE)
    Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
    JavaScript A-Z
    Perl MAN pages
  Web Authoring Tools
    Delorie HTML Tools
    Matt's Script Archive
    Internet Count free hit counter with no ads and no fuss
    Visibone Colour Lab 216 colour palette
    Internet Assistant HTML convertor plug-in for Microsoft Word 95(v7) and v6
  Multiple Search Engine Submission
    Submit-It Free
    Add-It Free
    NNH Launch UK
  Web Hosting/DNS
    RateHost listings and ratings for many hosting providers
    Hurricane Electric
    Granite Canyon free public DNS server
    Symantec Antivirus Research Centre
    Email virus hoaxes
    Virus Myths
    Norton Antivirus Freeware Scanner
      Win95/NT program
      Latest update file (look for ????i16.exe)
  Port Scans, Firewalls etc.
      Shields Up! Port scanner security check website
      ZoneAlarm Win32 firewall
    Cryptography and Stenography
      PGP Pretty Good Privacy
      Download the PGP Freeware v5 for Win95/NT (3.5Mb)
        (note that the above link is a British link and is not subject to American export regulations)
      Look up a PGP public key (use email address for best results)
      GNU Privacy Guard free PGP replacement
        Download GPG for Win32
Windows 95/98 Windows 95 total beginners' tutorial
  UCSB Windows 95 tutorial
  Windows 95 Faq (excellent!)
  Windows 95 Networking FAQ (technical)
  Windows 95 Easy Networking FAQ (newbie)
  FAQ Windows 95 Networking (illustrated)
  Software Downloads
    NoNags Freeware
    Freeware Plus
    Microsoft Windows Updates Direct Downloads
  Linux Emporium cheap CDs to the UK
  Zillenium cheap CDs to the UK
  Linux (UK Mirrors where applicable)
  Linux Documentation Project
  Linux HOWTOs
      Home Page News/Resources
    Red Hat
      Home Page News/Resources
      RPM Packages
      Home Page News/Resources
  Demon Webmail
  BT Webmail
  MailBank family/vanity email addresses
    Member Preferences
  Email Virus Hoaxes
  Outlook Express Tutorials
    In The Classroom
  Email-SMS Gateways (email via GSM/PCN digital mobile 'phone)
    Cellnet (Genie)
    Orange (Locust)
  Spam and UCE
    Real-Time Black Hole List
  Mailing Lists
    Free/cheap mailing lists
    More free/cheap mailing lists
    Majordomo FAQ
    Majordomo Man Page
    Clueless at (email
    Clueless at
  Research and Reports
    Headcount (demographics)
  Product Reviews
    Product Review Net
    Yahoo Reviews from Ziff-Davis
    Streetprice price comparisons
  Online Computer Hardware/Software Retailers (UK only)
    Yahoo UK Computer Retail category
    Excite UK Computer Retail category
  New Hardware/Software
    Tekheads - Free Delivery
    Micro Warehouse
    Simply (okay prices, order tracking, very reliable)
    RL Supplies (hardware + stationery)
    Software First (great Gameboy selection, free delivery, good prices)
    MI Computers
    Ambros Direct
    Continental (Staverton)
    Techno Partz
    Memory Management
    Micro Direct
    Tech Direct
    Watford Electronics
    SMC Direct
    Stak Trading
    Game (the high street store)
    UKGamers (hardware)
    Morgan (hardware)
    Aria (hardware)
    Lindy (mice, keyboards, hubs, cables)
  New Consumables
    Box Shift
    River Pro Audio (blank media & consumables, good prices)
    Drum Ltd (blank media & consumables)
    CD Express (blank media & consumables)
    Prink (ink carts)
    The Ink Factory
  Second Hand/Clearance/Auctions/Classified Hardware
    Micro Computer Mart
    Computer Exchange (CEX) (guaranteed used hw/sw)
    Computer Bargains (clearance)
    CCC-UK (clearance)
    EuroPC (discount hardware)
    Telemart (discount hardware)
History of Computing
  Cnet Brief History of Computing
  Collossus (Bletchley Park, 1943)
  LEO (Lyons Electric Office, 1947)
  WITCH (Wolverhampton Instrument for Teaching Computing, 1947)
  Baby (Manchester, June 1948)
Astronomy & Space Exploration
  Fake Moon Landing
    Photo anomalies
    Sound & other anomalies
  EFF Blue Ribbon - free speech online
  Best Viewed With Any Browser - banish incompatibilities
  The Show Guide - computer fairs diary
  Excalibur Computer Fairs (Worcs/WMids/Warwks/Shrops)
  ICT Computer Fairs (Glos/Herefs/SWales/Wilts)
  FCC ID search
  Boot Disk Creation
  Network Boot Disks

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Real Life

Telephone Numbers / Addresses
  Search the British Telecom telephone directory
  Search Yellow Pages business directory
  Search Scoot (Thompsons) business directory
  Look up a postcode (from an address) at (QAS QuickAddress)
  Look up a postcode (from an address) at Royal Mail
  Look up an address (from a postcode) at Royal Mail
  Royal Mail Track and Trace (Recorded Delivery etc.)
  UK Yahoo Shopping
Unit Conversion
  Australia Today - vast collection of measurement convertors
Public Transport Timetables
  Railtrack Trains
  National Express Coaches
Recruitment and Employment
  Direct Recruitment
  PR Jobs
Law and Legal Help
  Law Rights excellent English & Welsh law FAQs
  Citizens Advice Bureau
    Cheltenham branch 14 Royal Crescent Tel. 01242 522491 email
    Find Citizens Advice Bureaux in Gloucestershire
    Find Citizens Advice Bureau nationwide
  Rights of way
DIY / Home Maintenance
  Bob Vila
  Home Improvement Encyclopaedia
  DIY Stores
Car Maintenance / Repairs
  Mister Fixit Repairs
  Tyres Online (Makes, Specs, Info)
  It's Gripped, It's Sorted... Let's Off Road
    North Staffs (Tyres, girlie accessories) 4x4
    World Off Road (Dealer directory, specs, info)
Shopping / Online Retailers
    Bookfellas - cheap UK delivery
  Electronics and Hi-Fi
    Richer Sounds
    Link Online
    E Discount

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Members' Works

Chaos Engine (Huw)
Everyman Theatre (Andrew & Chris D)
Diverse Music (John HR)
Gloucestershire Arts Online (Andrew)

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  Bristol Anson Rooms, University of Bristol Union
  Bristol Fleece & Firkin
  Wolverhampton Civic
  Birmingham NEC Arena
Streaming Audio "Radio" Stations
  Digitally Imported (Trance) multiple streams
  Scrapheap (Darkwave/Goth/Techno/Industrial)
  Weerd and Wunderful (Goth/Alternative/Industrial)
  StarDog (Alternative)
Music News & General Music Pages
  Gloucestershire Gig Guide
  New Musical Express
      NME Gigs (inc. telephone booking numbers)
Music Making
  Mod Tracker Win32 Software
  SY35 Pages
  SY List
  Musical Instrument & Equipment Retailers
    River Pro Audio
    Turnkey (electronic keyboard/module specialists)
    SoundTech (PA kit, electric guitars)
    Rose-Morris (traditional and rock music instruments)
    MJQ (home studio equipment)
  Chaos Engine
  Ned's Atomic Dustbin
  Rosetta Stone
  Stourbridge Junction (Poppies, Stuffies, Neds, BRA etc.)
  Bentley Rhythm Ace
Online shopping for CDs, tapes, videos etc.
  Music Non Stop (electro/industrial/EBM/darkwave) )(UK delivery 1.25)
  Isotank (alternative only- compliations a speciality) (Western Europe Global Priority delivery US$10)
  Infrafot (alternative only) (based in Germany)
  Audiostreet (mainstream albums only) (UK delivery FREE)
  IMVS (mainstream albums and singles) (UK delivery at 1st class rates)
  CD Paradise WHSmith (mainstream albums only) (UK delivery at 1st class rates)
  CD Shop (mainstream plus some alternative albums) (UK delivery at 1st class rates)
  Rough Trade (UK indie distributor)

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TV & Film

TV Technology
  Digital Spy (news)
  Digital TV Group (official site)
TV Channels
  Radio Times Multi-Channel Schedules
  SceneOne Multi-Channel Schedules
  Channel 4
      FilmFour Short Films in RealVideo
  Channel 5
  Odeon Cheltenham
  Virgin Gloucester
  Adam & Joe
  Bill Bailey
  Dr. Who
    More links
  Harry Hill
  Lee & Herring
  South Park
    Every Episode in RealVideo
    Lyrics to songs
  Time Team
  John Shuttleworth
  Internet Movie Database searchable film study resources

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Art, Lit & Style

Clothing & Footwear
    Red Haze
    Paper Doll
    Anything But Typical
    Black Rose
    Springfields Millitary (eg. NBC Suits)
    Extreme Glow UV accessories
    UV-Light raw materials
    Hair Extensions/Dyes/Care
      Ragdoll Weave
      Manic Panic
      Sinnosence Industries
    Skin Two
    Millets/Air Sea Land
    Marks and Sparks
Sci Fi, CyberPunk and SteamPunk
  SFX Magazine news
  Dark Horizons news
  Ain't It Cool News Coaxial
Visual Art
  Louvre Museum, Paris
    Index of themes by period
    Index of artists by name
  Artistic terms glossary at Okangan University, Canada
  SITO Artists on the Internet
Guides & Events
  Art Guide Midlands
  Craft Fairs
Cultural Studies
  Cultural Studies index at Yahoo
  Subcultures index at Yahoo
  Young Volume 1 Essays
Computer Graphics & Fonts
  Lycos Picture Search
  Paint Shop Pro
  PSP Web Graphics tutorials
  FontFreak free truetype fonts
  Online Retailers
    Sherwoods, Birmingham
    Internet Cameras Direct
    CPW, digital specialists
    Digital First
    Digital Depot
    UK Digital
  Photo Processsing - Prints From Digital Images
    Jessops Pixology

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  VISA Cash Machine Locator
  GSM Networks
  Road Atlases
    StreetMap (maybe server down / closed now?)
  Shell GeoStar UK/European Route Planner
  Train time tables (Railtrack / British Rail)
  Travel Inn motels
  Travel Lodge motels
  Post Code Lookup
  What's On (ThisIsGloucestershire)
  County Council
  Tourist Board
  Cheltenham Borough Council
  Tewkesbury Residents Handbook
  Gloucestershire Gateway
  Regent Arcade
  Pockett Guide to Cheltenham
  Cotswold Hyperguide
  Gloucestershire-Warwickshire Steam Railway
  Prescott Speed Hillclimb & Bugatti Owners' Club
  News- Shropshire Star
  Virtual Shropshire
  Visitors Guide
  Ironbridge George
  Severn Valley Steam Railway
  Bridgnorth Cliff Railway
  Stokesay Castle
  Alveley Village Band
  Three Counties Show
  Evesham and Pershore Residents Handbook

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Cheltenham & Gloucester CHE
  Library OPAC Computer
  For Park campus library, login as LIBRARY1
  For FCH campus library, login as LIBRARY2
  For Pittville campus library, login as LIBRARY3
  If you are unable to use the above link to the library, you need to find the
  TELNET program, connect to and log in from there.
  VILLA1 student-run satirical C&G website
  Internet Movie Database searchable film study resources
Bookshops (searching and online Visa-card ordering)
  Amazon USA
  Amazon UK
    The Bookplace online shop
    Physical stores

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Role Playing Games FAQ
  Free RPG's on the Web
    Free RPG List
  Ars Magica
    Atlas Games
  Call of Cthulhu
    Traveller Webring
    Far Future Enterprises (Marc Miller)
  White Wolf Games
    White Wolf
Game Boy
    Nintendo Gameboy Offical Home Page
  News and Reviews
    DMG Ice
    GB Technical Page
    GB Dev Mailing List
  Internet multiplay
    Quakeworld internet client
    GameSpy internet game locator
    Requiem mod
    Reaper Bots Don't Cheat? - interesting essay
    Ramshackle multiplayer level reviews
    Talon's Strike level reviews
    Planet24 level downloads
  Commodore 64
  Original manuals (inc. Programmer's Reference Guide)
ZZap!64 Magazine
  Alex's pages
Sheer Boredom
  Computer Stupidity
  Sulabh Toilet Museum
  RFC 1149 A Standard for the Transmission of IP Datagrams on Avian Carriers
  Random Yahoo Link
  Random Postmodern Essay Generator
  Random Web Cam
  Random European Web Cam (when we're awake, Americans are aleep)
  Africam (Live African savanah webcam)
  Buzzword Bingo Random Game Card
  McDonalds Big Mac Special Sauce Recipe
  The Darwin Awards
  Offensive Greetings Cards
  The Dilbert Zone
  Teletubbies Disection
Games and Interactive (non-Shockwave)

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